The commercial relations between the company A-Export S.r.l. and its customers are governed by the following general conditions of sale, different conditions can only be agreed in writing.

Identificazione del Fornitore

The goods covered by these general conditions are sold by the company A-Export S.r.l., headquartered in Pradamano (UD) -Italy- in via Nazionale 31/7, enrolled in the Chamber of Commerce of Udine with nr. 179047 in the Business Register and VAT number 01520650308.

The company, from now on indicated as "supplier" can be contacted through:
Telephone: +39 0432 670815
Certified e-mail:

Identificazione del Cliente

A-Export S.r.l. sells its products to:
- Dealers
- Wholesaler
- Companies in the household appliances spare parts sector
in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

The information provided by every customer is thoroughly examined to verify its real existence and commercial category. The customer is then entitled to have access to the supplier's website, in order to consult the product assortment with its customised conditions and place orders.

Definizioni dello strumento web

Through th supplier offers its customers a digital tool to consult the catalogue and to place and check orders.

Please note that this tool is not an e-commerce, so non pertinent definitions and conditions are not contemplated in this contract.

Definizione Ordine

The order received by the supplier through the web tool is similar to the traditional methodology.

The online order does not constitute an obligation on the part of the supplier to fulfill the order, if the conditions do not exist or should there be obstacles that will be communicated to the customer by his contact person.

Placing orders through the website does not grant priotary processing of the same orders, which allows the correct identification of the items chosen by the customer and the automation of the supplier's internal processes.

Condizioni Pagamenti e Spedizione

The commercial conditions of the customer are those agreed with the company during the accreditation phase or subsequent agreements.

The logistic and economic agreements can be applied automatically and immediately visible by the customer during the order phase or applied later in the order fulfillment phase.

Any anomalies and / or omissions and / or errors that the customer finds in the use of the digital tool may be reported in writing by email.

Should errors and / or anomalies result in a different treatment from the agreed conditions, the customer has 72 hours from the receipt of the order to represent them to the supplier; after this deadline they are tacitly accepted.

Limitazione di Responsabilità

The supplier takes no responsibility for inefficiencies attributable to force majeure that may affect the use of the digital instrument.

The digital material on the web platform is covered by copyright and belongs to the supplier, with the exception of third party logos or trademarks, which the supplier is implicitly or explicitly authorized to use, in order to better identify the object proposed.

The customer is not authorized to copy, reproduce and use the content (texts, photos and graphic elements included), not even partly, without prior authorization from the supplier, who may reserve the right to grant it and establish limits and conditions.

Any violations will be the subject of a dispute with the competent bodies and at each location.

Reso, Recesso e Annullamento Ordine

As regards return and withdrawal, the conditions set out in the business to business conditions apply, in fact there are no cases of returning the goods for afterthought.

Any discrepancies relating to the goods received must be reported by the customer to the supplier in written and documented form within 48 hours (2 working days) of receipt of the goods as certified by the carrier in charge; it will be the supplier's responsibility to activate the procedures aimed at verifying and resolving any problem.

The order received by the supplier through the digital tool or any other conventional and documented method is considered confirmed and final after 24 hours (1 working day - or 12.00 of the working day following receipt).

Eccezioni e Precisazioni

Exception made for any special agreements already in place between the parties, if tangible and demonstrable in writing and for which the supplier has not made appropriate communication of unilateral change, the current agreement repeals and replaces any previous or non special agreement, understanding or negotiation.

Communications, reports, agreements, changes or any other related activity between the customer and the supplier are considered valid only if received or sent in writing by e-mail.

Composizione delle Controversie - Foro Competente

This contract is governed by Italian law, to which regulatory reference is made for what is not indicated.

Any dispute arising from this contract, and which is not resolved through mediation between supplier and customer, will be reported to the Chamber of Commerce of territorial jurisdiction of the supplier and resolved according to the corresponding Conciliation Regulations.

If the parties intend to appeal to the Bodies or to the Ordinary Judicial Authority, the competent court will be that of the supplier's headquarters.

The conditions contained in this document may be changed without any prior notice; it is the customer's duty to check for any changes by referring to the date indicated at the bottom. The supplier, even without any obligation, undertakes to communicate any changes through the channels available to him.

Pradamano (UD) - 23/07/2021